Wednesday, December 28, 2016

WES Frankenstein 5K Race Recap

October 22, 2016

My school hosted its second annual Frankenstein 5K Run this October. I wasn't able to participate in this run last year because my mom and I ran the Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Mandeville, LA. This year I served on the committee to help organize the run and I was excited for the opportunity to participate on race day.

WES Frankenstein Committee

Our school received a lot of support from local sponsors throughout the community. Signs were posted all over town and several of us handed out flyers at local businesses. The run was well advertised in my opinion. It is so hard to compete with established runs that are held this time of the year. I know of at least five other runs that took place on this Saturday.

It was a beautiful day for a race. The sun was shining, but it was a little chilly at 40 degrees for the start of the race. I ordered my Spandits! Rumpleskullskins Boardies and my skeleton runner tank top weeks in advance. I looked crazy, but I planned that outfit just for this race. I meant that I was going to wear it!

There were only 15 runners in the 5K race and probably another 15-20 runners for the fun run. It was not the crowd that they had last year. I didn't know what to expect for this race. I was exhausted from racing the past two weekends and moving all day on Friday. This race fell on the same weekend we moved into our new home, but I knew I needed to be there to support my school.

I was familiar with the course. I met my friend for several training runs near the school. I started out way too fast as usual. Going into the first turn I was positioned first female. I wanted so badly to maintain the lead.

Mile 1- 7:42
I could feel my pace slowing down in the second mile. I was certain I would clock it well over 8 minutes. A few people on our committee passed by in a golf cart and cheered for me. "Go, Mrs.Weldon! First female!" That motivated me to push harder.
Mile 2- 7:52
I was surprised when my Garmin vibrated, notifying me that I clocked mile 2 in 7:52. It was 10 seconds slower than my first mile, but it was still a sub 8 minute mile. I have never run all sub 8 minute miles in a 5K before, so I made it my goal to try for another one on the third and final mile. Thoughts of a PR entered my mind. If I could maintain my pace, I was going to PR if only by a few seconds.
I had no idea how far ahead I was of the second female. When my thoughts went to her, I reminded myself that the competition was not behind me. I was competing against my own personal best time and that is where I shifted my focus. My Garmin vibrated again as I made the turn towards the finish. My third mile was also a sub 8 minute mile and it was my fastest one of the race!
Mile 3- 7:38
I crossed the finish line in 24:12 (a 21 second PR)! I also placed 1st Overall Female.
First Overall Male and Female




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