Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CCAP 5K Race Recap

February 21, 2015

This was my third year running the CCAP 5K. My mom was disappointed that she had to work this weekend and she couldn't participate. This is our favorite local 5K. This run benefits the Children's Center Adult Program, a day habilitation center for young adults with disabilities. It is sponsored by our local running club, River Region Runners. It is a smaller run with both run and walk divisions. Several of the clients and their families participate in this event. Participants wear special bibs in support of the clients.

I always run in support of Team Zac and Team Eric. Zac and I went to daycare together when we were just babies. Eric and I went to high school together. It was cold and drizzly on race morning, so Zac and Eric stayed inside where it was warm.

Go Team Zac!
Go Team Eric!
They normally give hats instead of t-shirts for this run, but this year they gave us gloves with the CCAP logo. I was glad to have those gloves at the start of the race. I saw Coach Cobb (my PE coach from elementary school) before the race began. She's ran most of her life and she also does CrossFit. She's incredibly fit and fast. I couldn't keep up with her a year ago at Jubilee, but I was going to try my best to pace with her as long as I could at this race.
I paced the first mile right behind Coach Cobb and to my surprise I clocked it in 7:35. My fastest mile! We rounded the corner where Jeff (our friend and race organizer) was directing the runners. He pointed at Cobb, then at me. "First and second female," he announced. I don't think Cobb knew until that moment that I was right behind her because after he announced that she picked up the pace. I tried to pick up the pace to stick with her, but when I slowed to get water she was too far ahead. When I rounded the last corner towards the finish line, I said to Jeff, "Cobb's smoking me." He just laughed. My last two miles were much slower than my first, but I still maintained a consistent pace.
Mile 1- 7:35
Mile 2- 8:01
Mile 3- 8:03
My finish time was 24:33, a course PR and new 5K PR. I finished 2nd Overall Female behind Coach Cobb.


I love that everyone got a finisher's medal at this year's race. They were nice quality, heavy medals with the CCAP logo. This run is simply the best and one that I look forward to year after year!

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