Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Resurrection Run 15K Race Recap

March 7, 2015

My head and nose had cleared from my sinus infection, but I still had a sharp pain in my chest when I breathed deeply. I only did one four mile run the week after the Gulf Coast Half leading up to this 15K. My chest hurt worse after that run, so I took it easy the rest of the week. In hindsight I probably should have skipped this run with the pain in my chest, but runners can be stubborn at times.

Resurrection Run is held each year to support the mission work of the Student Ministry at the First United Methodist Church of Prattville. The run offers a 5K and 15K division. The 15K route is a challenging course through downtown Prattville featuring two trips up Gin Shop Hill.

There were a lot less runners this year than at last year's race. I believe it was because it was scheduled on the weekend between two popular half marathons: the Centerpoint Half was the weekend before and the Montgomery Half was the next weekend.

My plan was to take it easy on this run, but I got caught up in the excitement at the start. I was the first female for the first three miles. On the third mile, I was passed by the woman who finished first female. My pace slowed significantly after that. The first trip up Gin Shop Hill was around Mile 5, and I stopped to walk. I took several walk breaks after that. I was being passed left and right. I couldn't wait to be finished.

Mile 1- 8:19
Mile 2- 8:27
Mile 3- 8:28
Mile 4- 8:42
Mile 5- 9:40
Mile 6- 8:58
Mile 7- 9:53
Mile 8- 9:27
Mile 9- 9:45

I finished in 1:23:49, a new 15K PR and course PR for me. I shaved almost three minutes of my previous year's time and finished first in my age division.

After the run the sharp, shooting pain in my chest made it near impossible to breathe. I'd never experienced anything like this before and I was scared. It was time to see the doctor. I went back to PriMed that afternoon. They did blood work and a chest x-ray. My white blood count was twice the normal level, but fortunately my chest x-ray was clear. They diagnosed me with walking pneumonia and gave me some more antibiotics.

Truth be known, I probably got the walking pneumonia from running that half the week before while I was sick. I had no business running the half or this 15K, but the damage was already done. As crazy as it sounds, all I could think about was whether or not I would be well enough to run the Montgomery Half the next weekend. It would be my Half Fanatic qualifying race, and I didn't want to miss it.

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