Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ready, Set, Geaux 10K Race Recap

February 7, 2015

Ready, Set, Geaux was the former Shamrock Shuffle held on St.Patrick's Day weekend. The city of Montgomery was hosting the Montgomery Marathon, a televised event and Boston qualifier, in March this year. I'm assuming that's a big reason why they changed this race to February.

Proceeds from Ready, Set, Geaux supported the Junior League of Montgomery, an organization committed to developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. The race offered a 5K and 10K division. There were a few hundred participants for this race.  It was a down and back, flat, fast course. There were four water stations and plenty of volunteers cheering for us on course. The volunteers were handing out Mardi Gras beads to the runners. I thought it was a nice gesture, but I didn't want them swinging around the entire time.

My pace was not very consistent throughout this race. I felt great starting out, then my leg started cramping towards the end of the second mile. I've never cramped up during a race, and I had no idea what could have caused it. I stopped at every water stop after that thinking it might help to take in more fluids. Eventually the cramping went away, but my legs felt numb the remainder of the race.

Mile 1- 8:09
Mile 2- 8:33
Mile 3- 9:03
Mile 4- 8:57
Mile 5- 9:04
Mile 6- 8:20
I kicked it in on the final stretch because I saw on my Garmin where I could achieve a new PR. My finish time was 53:19, a course PR and a new 10K PR for me. I shaved almost a minute and a half off of last year's time. They gave everyone finisher's beads at the finish line, so I didn't feel as bad about passing on the beads during the race.
I took advantage of the post race massage which felt wonderful and really loosened up my legs. They had face painting and the Big Green Bus for the kids.
It took longer than usual to tabulate the results. When they announced the awards, they skipped my age division saying that they had no participants in that category. I went to the timing crew and they had no record of my time. My bib didn't register. I showed them the time on my Garmin and they were able to add it in the system. Everything was sorted out and they gave me a first place medal for my age division. When the results were later posted on their website, it showed several other women in my age division. 

Have you ever experienced an error in your results? Have you ran a race where your bib didn't register at all?

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